Top 2 WordPress Plugins For Creating a Discussion Forum

Forums are very important in developing communities and membership based sites. Forum plugins for WordPress help in driving fresh and credible content to a website through loyal members. The content generated by users acts as a strong stimulus in obtaining organic traffic from search engines. Here are the two most beneficial forum plugins available for download:

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Simple: Press
This is another great external forum system endowed with rich features and wholly WordPress integrated. After it has been installed, the forum admin pages are then complicated incredibly and thus works awesomely for power users but typical users of WordPress might have problems using it. While integrating it, proceed with caution and avoid messing up the folders and file permissions by having a working file backup. The positive thing with Simple: Press is that it is a complete WP plugin with many features.

WP Forum Server
This is a WordPress forum plugin delivering complete forum systems to a website. The plugin spots a mature forum feel as compared to others and conveniently connects the WordPress user database to allow blog users to access the forum without coming up with separate profiles. The forum plugin comes with extra features such as multiple translations, basic statistics, skins and customization options for a forum.


How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme for Maximum Speed and Performance

ImageDo you know that loading speed is one of the most important thing that you need to consider when building a website? Many internet marketers believe that slower websites usually have less visitors than the faster websites. That is the reason why you need to know how to optimize your wordpress theme for maximum speed and performance. In this article, you will learn some tips and tricks to alter some of the wordpress theme in order to increase the loading speed significantly. By doing so, your websites will have more visitors and traffics because everyone loves quick websites. Continue reading