How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme for Maximum Speed and Performance

ImageDo you know that loading speed is one of the most important thing that you need to consider when building a website? Many internet marketers believe that slower websites usually have less visitors than the faster websites. That is the reason why you need to know how to optimize your wordpress theme for maximum speed and performance. In this article, you will learn some tips and tricks to alter some of the wordpress theme in order to increase the loading speed significantly. By doing so, your websites will have more visitors and traffics because everyone loves quick websites.

1. Minify CSS, Javascript, and HTML

It means that you need to remove all white space from the code before publishing your website to the visitors. The spaces, tabs, and some specific codes are able to increase the loading time. If you want to make your website loads faster, you need to remove all of them so the servers and browsers are able to access the code in your website quickly.
If you want to simplify the CSS, HTML, and Javascript in your websites, you can do it manually or use some plugins. In order to simplify your work, you can use plugins, such as WP-minify or W3 total cache in order to handle this job without affecting the original files that we need to edit.

2. Optimize the images from your wordpress theme

It is important to optimize the images in your wordpress web hosting theme. You need to make images as small as possible in order to fasten your website loading time. Many designers forget to compress the images before uploading them into their websites. As the result, their sites work very slowly because the sites need to load the big size images at one time.

If you choose a wordpress theme and you want to optimize it to get faster and better performance on your website, you need to choose and sort the images on your theme. When you find big images on the wordpress theme, you need to resize or compress the images before uploading them to the server. You can use some free applications, such as Picnik or Image Optimizer in order to do this tedious job. By using those applications, it is easy for you to resize and compress the images from your wordpress theme.

3. Minimize the number of files required to display your website

This step is very important to increase the websites’ speed and performance. When visitors come to your website, the specific files must be sent to their browser. Those specific files include CSS files, images, Javascript references, and many more. The more files transferred to their browser, the slower your website will be.

The most important step is that you need to eliminate every single file which is not important for displaying your website. You need to sort all files from your wordpress theme. Try to remove all unnecessary files, plugins, images, etc, from your website because they are able to impact the loading time.

Those are several best tips on how to optimize your wordpress theme for maximum speed and performance. By following those simple steps above, your website will load faster than ever before.


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